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Timofey Kitaev


Fixated on emotions and feelings. Spoiled by the Western cinematography. Arrested for extremist activities.

Anastasia Maksimchuk

Second producer

Spoiled by, how she thinks, the “great taste”. Arrested for making false statements.

Eugene Ushakov

D.P. (Director of Photography)

Specializes in optical illusions. Arrested for creating banned content on a large scale.

Kirill Shibut

D.P. (Director of Photography)

Has already gone too far trying to impose his own vision on others. Arrested for disturbing the peace. 

Alexey Olshewski

Sound guy

Ridiculously skilled at playing mind games with the help of a sound. Arrested as a “track dealer”.

Rita Motyl

Makeup artist

Capable of transforming one’s look beyond recognition. Arrested for unlicensed experiments taken on person’s appearance.

Yarina Kiyak

Costume designer

Uses her extensive knowledge about the culture of humanity. Was caught changing the identities of her accomplices. Arrested for abetting the syndicate.

Melnichenko Irina


Pretends to live in the world full of fairytales, princes, butterflies and stuffed animals. Motivates people to a rebellion awakening through her smarmy propaganda. Arrested for keeping up with civil unrests.

Walter Cheremis

Art director

Creates complicated structures and schemes designed to mislead the authorities. Accustomed to an indolent way of life. Arrested for damaging architectural treasures.

Natalie Khomenko


Possesses an extremely violent temper. Has a spectacular charm and strong perseverance, enabling her to gain the trust of others easily. Arrested for making unsuspecting people participate in the o-d-d activity. 

Andrey Noga


Specializes in small-sized visual weapons. Works in tandem with cameramen. Arrested for a precise calculation of artillery firing. 

Maya Kurdelchuk

Project coordinator


For a long time, she has been mired in art, graphic design and fashion design. Happens to be completely poisoned by the sense of beauty. Arrested for recruiting non-confirmed people.

Andrey Voloshin


Absolutely refuses to follow the steps and advices of experienced professionals. Arrested for disbelief and dumb questions.

Vitaly Starukhin


Obsessed by minimalism and simplicity. Arrested for insulting the feelings of designers. 

No name



A severely dangerous criminal who recruited a group of hazardous lawbreakers, avoiding correctional facilities. The identity is being withheld. Arrested as the head of a precarious formation.